Default renditions

By default, Sitecore Content Hub provides several renditions. The Preview, Thumbnail, and Big thumbnail renditions are used when previewing an asset, and are not meant for download. Likewise, the PDF rendition is not meant for download. It is used with the annotations feature and the Deep Zoom feature.

The following table lists default renditions:

OriginalOriginal version of the asset.Yes
MetadataMetadata of the asset in JSON format.Yes
PDFRendition of the asset in PDF format.No
PreviewRendition used in the inline preview on asset details pages.Yes
MediumRendition used to download the preview format of the asset.No
ThumbnailRendition shown on asset tiles in the grid view, based on the template used.Yes
Big thumbnailLarger rendition shown on asset tiles in the grid view, based on the template used.No

An essential rendition is necessary to view an archived asset on either its details page or the Archived assets page.


The rendition used for the download preview of an asset is labeled Medium and is not the same as the Preview rendition.


If the rendition you want is not available, you can create a custom rendition from the asset details page by either clicking + Rendition in the Renditions section, or by clicking Download > Custom download. You can then specify various custom download parameters.

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