In Sitecore Content Hub, processing jobs perform a variety of tasks, such as generating renditions, creating download orders, and processing renditions after an upload.

Prioritization defines the order in which jobs are added to processing queues. A simple method is to add jobs in the order they are created, so they are processed in that order. This is sometimes known as first in, first out.


You cannot edit priority settings. This topic is for information only.

In practice, sequential job queues can create bottlenecks. For example, if you request a download when there is already a large file import job in the queue, your download is delayed until the large job is completed.

To avoid such bottlenecks, Content Hub assigns a priority to each new processing job, based on that job’s type. This priority determines where the new job is placed in the queue.

Small processing jobs, including download orders, are assigned a high priority and are therefore processed faster than average. Larger jobs, such as Excel file imports, are assigned the lowest priority and are therefore processed only when no higher-priority jobs are pending

The priorities defined based on job usage are:

PriorityJob usage
10 (highest)Processing jobs created for download orders.
8Processing jobs created to generate user renditions.
5Processing jobs created from uploads using the UI.
1 (lowest)Processing jobs created from uploads using an import Excel sheet and from refreshing renditions.

By default, a Null priority property corresponds to a priority 1.


The priority applies to the queue order. The processing agents work in sequential order. That is, they process the first item in the queue first, regardless of their priority score.


The five following jobs are created and sent to the processing queue:

  • Job One, Job Two, and Job Three are heavy jobs, so they have the lowest priority of 1.
  • Job Four is a regular file upload, so it has a priority of 5.
  • Job Five is a download order, so it has the highest priority of 10.

According to the prioritization system, Job Five is first in the queue, Job Four second, and Job One, Job Two and Job Three come last. The jobs are processed in this order by the processing agent unless new jobs are created and trigger changes in the priority order of the queue.

If a Job Six, a download order (priority 10), is added before Job Five finishes to process, it would be placed before Job Four in the queue.

During processing of Job One, another regular file upload job (Job Seven) is created and assigned a priority of 5. The priority of Job Seven places it first in the queue, so it is picked up after Job One finishes processing.

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