There is a minor amount of configuration required in the web.config to connect your Sitecore site with a Microsoft Dynamics AX instance.

  1. Once you have finished deploying the packages, merge the contents of \Website\MergeFiles\Merge.DynamicsRetail.Connect.config into the web.config.
  2. Merge the contents of \Website\MergeFiles\Merge.Commerce.Storefront.config into the web.config.
  3. Merge the contents of \Website\MergeFiles\Views\Merge.Web.Config into the website\views\web.config.
  4. Once you have finished merging into the web.config, remove /Configuration/location/system.web/httpModules and /Configuration/location/system.web/httpHandlers/.
  5. Move /Configuration/location/system.webServer/handlers to /Configuration/system.webServer/handlers/.

At this point, you need to point the Data Exchange service at your Dynamics AX channel database and configure the Data Exchange service schedule. For more information about configuring the Data Exchange service, go to Step 5: Configure the Data Exchange service. For more information about the Transaction service, go to Building an SCpbMD Transaction Services role.