Commerce hostnames


Overview of Commerce hostnames.

When you deploy Sitecore Experience Commerce software, the installation scripts uses the CommerceServicesHostPostfix parameter value as the root domain name to append to Commerce service hostnames. The default CommerceServicesHostPostfix parameter value is As a result, the default Commerce service hostnames in a Commerce deployment are as follows:







In a Sitecore XC deployment, all Commerce services are configured as sub-domains of the domain by default.

The CommerceServicesHostPostfix parameter value that you specify during the installation process is stored in the Commerce Engine config.json file (for example, c:\inetpub\wwwroot\<CommerceAuthoring_SC>\wwwroot\config.json). It is used to set anti-forgery cookies for the specified domain (for example "") so that the domain can be accessed on the site.

A valid hostname is composed of a top domain level (TDL), and a domain name (second level), for example The Commerce Engine performs validation on the provided CommerceServicesHostPostfix value. Consider the following rules when defining the CommerceServicesHostPostfix:

  • The top domain level (TDL):

    • must be 2-7 character length.

    • can contain alphabetical characters (a-z, AZ). Numeric and special characters are not allowed in the TDL.

  • The domain name (second level) :

    • can contain alphanumeric characters (0-9, A-Z and a-z).

    • can contain one hyphen (-) character.