Understanding Commerce marketing automation campaigns


Overview of the Commerce marketing automation campaigns.

You use marketing automation campaigns to automatically control the email messages being sent to customers so that they stay engaged with your brand and your storefront and are enticed to visit and make purchases. By default, two Commerce marketing automation campaigns are available with SXA Storefront.


To use a Commerce marketing automation campaign, you must have xDB installed and enabled.

To add a Commerce marketing automation campaign to a storefront site, you must select the relevant Commerce MA Campaign check box when you create it. This automatically adds the Commerce-specific templates (the Abandoned cart, the New order placed, and Recommended products templates) to the Email Experience Manager (EXM) for email campaigns. It also creates new Marketing Automation (MA) campaigns based on the Abandoned Cart or New Order Placed template.

The naming convention for the new marketing campaign is shopName+" "+templateName. For example, MyStore Abandoned Cart or MyStore New Order Placed.

Create a new SXA site dialog box

You need both SXA Storefront and Commerce Connect to configure Commerce marketing automation campaigns.

  • SXA Storefront contains the renderings required to display content on the storefront and in Commerce emails. It also contains the scaffolding used to create the Abandoned Cart or New Order Placed marketing automation campaign.

  • Commerce Connect contains the Sitecore templates used for the storefront site, the marketing automation campaigns, and the Commerce emails. Commerce Connect also includes the pipelines and processors used to register and enroll customers in the marketing automation campaigns and retrieve the cart details displayed in the Commerce email messages.


See Prerequisites for Commerce Marketing Automation campaigns for details on the packages required for Commerce Marketing Automation campaigns.