Assigned insert options versus effective insert options


Overview of assigned insert options versus effective insert options.

When a user activates a feature that allows them to insert new items beneath an existing item, Sitecore invokes the insert options pipeline to determine an effective insert option for the user. Effective insert options include the list of data templates, branch templates, and command templates that the user can use to insert new items under the selected item. If you do not implement any insert rules or insert options pipeline processors, then the effective insert options for a user are the assigned insert options that the user has access rights to use. Insert rules and insert options pipeline processors can dynamically manipulate the list of effective insert options.


Users with appropriate access rights can move items, duplicate items, insert items from any data template, branch template, or otherwise create items that insert options would not permit. To truly enforce an information architecture, you must restrict access rights to CMS features, or implement logic to prevent specific operations inconsistent with insert options.