Create a command template


How to create a command template.

Command templates initiate commands to create one or more items programmatically.

To create a command template:

  1. Create a class that inherits from Sitecore.Shell.Framework.Commands.Command, and override the Execute() method as illustrated in the following code sample:

    namespace Namespace.Shell.Framework.Commands
     public class ClassName : Sitecore.Shell.Framework.Commands.Command {
     public override void Execute(Sitecore.Shell.Framework.Commands.CommandContext context)
  2. Add a /configuration/command element to the /App_Config/Commands.config file, mapping the command code in the name attribute to the class signature in the type attribute. For example:

    <command name="namespace:category:command" type="Namespace.Shell.Framework.Commands.ClassName,Assembly" />
  3. In the Template Manager or the Content Editor, within /Sitecore/Templates, insert any required project-specific folders using the /Templates/Common/Folder data template.

  4. Under the relevant project-specific folder within /Sitecore/Templates, insert a command template definition item using the /System/Branches/Command Template data template.

  5. In the command template definition item, in the Data section, for the Command field, enter the command code. For example:


    The parameter id=$ParentID sets the ID passed to the command to the item under which the user is inserting a new item. This causes Sitecore to pass the correct item ID to the command template when the user has selected an item, but has right-clicked another item before activating the command template. Without this parameter, Sitecore would pass the ID of the selected item rather than the item that the user right-clicked.


You can assign or copy insert options to other items to allow the use of the new command template.