General query syntax


Overview of the Sitecore query syntax.

The Sitecore query syntax leverages the concept of a context item and uses the following symbols to reference related items:




The root of the content tree or a parent-child relationship.


Match by item name.


Escape text containing dashes (-) . For example: #meta-data#. It can also be used to escape special words, for example: #and#, #or#.


Wildcard, match items of any name.


The parent of the context item.

[ ]

Search criteria related to fields and XML element attributes.


A field defined in the item’s base template


An XML element attribute, all Sitecore items are treated as “item” elements, which contain the following attributes:

  • name - the item’s name.

  • key - the item’s name in all lower-case characters.

  • id - the item’s GUID.

  • tid - the item’s base template’s GUID.

  • mid - the branch template used to create the item, if any.

  • sortorder - the item’s sort order.

  • template - the item’s base template’s name.

  • parentid - the item’s parent’s GUID.

Combining these symbols references specific items or groups of items. For example:

Sitecore query string

Result set


The root of the content tree.


The Sitecore home item.


Immediate subitems under the home item that contain a Title field that starts with P.

Sitecore query string

Result set

*[@ hidden='1']

All hidden subitems underneath the context item.

query: /*/content/#meta- data#/colors/*[@show='1']

A Source field that selects all subitems under the Color item that have the Show check box selected.


Subitems under the context item based on the Folder template.