The validation options


Overview of Validation options available for validation rules.

Validation options are available in the Validation Rules section of the data template standard values and template field definitions. Sitecore comes with a set of default validation options as described in the following table.

Validation option


Quick Action Bar

Validation issues appear in the Quick Action Bar on the left in Content Editor

Validation Button

Validation issues appear when the user chooses the Validation command from the Proofing group on the Review tab, and when the user invokes a transition to a workflow state, which includes the workflow validation action.

Validation Bar

Validation issues appear in the Validation bar on the right in Content Editor

Workflow Validation Rules

Validation issues appear in the user interface when a user chooses a workflow command associated with the workflow validation action. The user cannot complete the workflow action without resolving all validation errors.

Suppressed Validation Rules

Validation issues no longer appear in the Quick Action Bar if you suppress global validation rules on individual content items.