Apply a hotfix to a PaaS solution


Use delta WDPs to update your environment.

To make it easier to install hotfixes and updates on your environment, Sitecore uses delta Web Deploy Packages (WDPs). Delta WDPs only contain the differences between the currently built WDP and the previously installed version.


This topic applies to Sitecore versions 10.1.1 and later.

You can only install the hotfix WDP on top of an existing environment. Delta WDPs do not contain any SQL script, dacpacs, or web.config modifications. To install the Delta WDP on a deployed environment:

  1. Download the delta WDP from

  2. Update the azuredeploy.parameters.json file by updating the URL for the appropriate role. For example:

    "cmMsDeployPackageUrl": { "value": "Link to the WDP package" },
  3. You must repeat these steps for every Sitecore server role in your topology. For more information on how to deploy, go to Deploying a new Sitecore environment to the Microsoft Azure App Service.