Cloud Services (Sitecore 8.1)

Accelerate your time to market with Sitecore Cloud solutions.

Sitecore Cloud Services overview

View all of the Sitecore Cloud offerings to best target campaigns, scale your solution, and develop a disaster recovery plan that is custom-made for your organization and requirements.


Sitecore Azure module

Sitecore Azure provides an integrated user interface to manage your cloud delivery infrastructure and simplify the deployment of your website to the Microsoft Azure cloud.


Device Detection

Personalize visitor experience and target campaigns for different devices.

IP Geolocation

Sitecore IP Geolocation is a service that provides information about the location and owner of an IP address.

xDB Cloud 2.0

Connect interaction data to create a comprehensive unified view of each individual customer, enabling marketers to manage customer experience in real time.

Sitecore modules


Install Web Forms For Marketers on Sitecore Azure.