Sitecore Experience Platform

Associate a marketing attribute to a page component on an external website

In the Federated Experience Manager (FXM), you can assign Sitecore functionality to components on an external website.

To do this, you first assign a click action to a page component, such as a submit button or a download link, on the external website. This enables you to track when contacts click on a particular component. Then you associate the relevant Sitecore marketing attributes with the click action, which enables you to track how your contacts interact with the external website using Experience Analytics.

With a click action, you can associate the following marketing attributes:

  • Campaigns – track the click action in a specific campaign.

  • Goals – track when a visitor achieves a goal and track the conversion rate.

  • Events – track when a visitor triggers an event and track the engagement value points.

  • Outcomes – track when a visitor triggers an outcome and track the financial value.

To associate a marketing attribute to a page component on an external website:

  1. On the Sitecore Launchpad, open FXM.

  2. On the FXM Dashboard, under Tracked external websites, click the name of the website that you want to edit and then click Open in Experience Editor.

  3. On the Home tab, in the FXM Advanced group, click Capture Click Action.

  4. On the webpage, click the component that you want to assign a click action to and then click Add new action.

  5. In the Capture Click Action dialog box, on the Details tab, enter a name for the click action.

  6. Under Parent, navigate to and click the website or page filter that you want to associate with the click action and click OK.


    Only the page filters that are already applied to the current webpage are available as parent items.

  7. When you have assigned a click action to a component, you can assign marketing attributes to the component. Click the tab that corresponds to the marketing attribute that you want to associate with the click action, click the relevant campaign, goal, event, or outcome, and then click Add.


    You must create the campaigns, goals, events, and outcomes in the Marketing Control Panel before you can associate them to components in FXM.CampaignsGoalsEventsOutcomes

  8. Click OK.

When you are ready to track the visits on the external website, you must publish the marketing attributes that you create in FXM: on the Home tab, in the Publish group, click Publish and follow the steps in the Publish wizard.