Performance counters


How to install and and enable performance counters included as part of the Sitecore Experience Commerce SDK to visual real time Sitecore Commerce data in the Windows Performance Monitor tool.

You can enable performance counters to visualize real time Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) data in the Windows Performance Monitor tool.

The Sitecore Experience Commerce SDK packages scripts that deliver the following four different collections of counters:

  • Command counters - for example:

    • CommandsRun - number of times a command has been run.

    • CommandRun - command process time.

    • CommandRunAverage - average time for a command to run.

    • CommandRunAverageBase - average time for a command to run base.

  • Metric counters - for example:

    • MetricCount - counts of metrics.

    • MetricAverage - average time for a metric.

    • MetricAverageBase - average time for a metric base.

  • List counters - for example:

    • ListCount - count of items in the Commerce List.

  • Commerce counters

    • ListItemProcess - average time for the list item to process.

    • ListItemProcessBase - average time for a list item to process base.

Install performance counters

You can create and register the Sitecore Commerce Engine performance counters you want to use.

The Sitecore Experience Commerce SDK includes two performance counter PowerShell scripts within the Scripts folder. Use these scripts to add or remove the counters from the operating system:

  • CreatePerformanceCounters.ps1 – This script adds counters to the operating system

  • DeletePerformanceCounters.ps1 – This script removes counters from the operating system


Ensure that the user account that is used for performance monitoring is assigned to the Performance Monitor Users local group on the operating system where the counters are installed.