Sitecore Experience Commerce

Specify multiple display rules for one currency


How to configure multiple currency display rules for the same currency, for example when using different languages.

In the Commerce Control Panel, the Currencies Display Adjustments setting enables you to configure alternative currency display rules if you do not want to use the .NET default currency display rules.

In some cases, you may need to configure multiple display rules for the same currency. For example, the Canadian dollar requires a different number format depending on the language context. The symbol used for the decimal marker differs between English and French (for example 10,000.00 in English is written as 10.000,00 in French). You name each currency display rule using a culture code to determine the context in which the rule applies.

To set up multiple currency display options for one currency:

  1. In the Content Editor, navigate to sitecore/Sitecore Commerce/Storefront Settings/Storefronts.

  2. Select the relevant storefront and insert a Currencies Display Adjustments item.

  3. Select the Currencies Display Adjustments item and insert a Currency item. Name the item with the relevant three-letter currency code (for example, CAD) and fill in the fields.

  4. Select the Currency item that you just created and insert a Currency Display item. Name the item with the relevant culture code (for example, fr-CA) and fill in any fields that differ from the parent item.


    In this example, when the French language and Canadian currency are selected on the storefront, currency amounts will be displayed using the French number formatting. When the English language is selected on the storefront, currency amounts will be displayed using the general display settings for Canadian dollars, which are set to use English number formatting.