User roles and permissions


Overview of the user roles that control permissions and access in the Sitecore XC Business Tools.

Access and permissions to the Sitecore XC Business Tools are controlled by roles. You create users and assign roles using the User Manager tool on the Sitecore Launchpad.


Every Sitecore XC user who needs access to the Commerce Business Tools must be assigned to the Commerce Business User role, at a minimum.

The following table lists the pre-defined roles and associated permissions for the Sitecore XC Business Tools.

User role

Business Tools permissions

Commerce Business User

This role is required to access the Business Tools dashboard and is assigned to all Commerce users by default. However, if this is the only role a user is assigned, they cannot access any of the Business Tools.

Commerce Administrator

Has permissions for all the Business Tools and can perform all Business Tools – related actions.

Customer Service Representative

Has permissions for Customers and Orders. A Customer Service Representative can edit and deactivate customer accounts and add, delete, or edit items, put on hold, add additional payments, or cancel customer orders.

Customer Service Representative Administrator

Includes all the permissions that are available with the Customer Service Representative role, with additional permissions for approving refunds on orders and Return to Merchandise Authorizations (RMAs).


Has permissions for Merchandising, Inventory, and Relationship Definitions. A Merchandiser can create and edit catalogs, categories, sellable items, relationships between them, and manage inventory information.


Has permissions for Pricing. A Pricer can create and edit price books, price cards, and pricing snapshots.

Pricer Manager

Includes all the permissions that are available with the Pricer role, with additional permissions for approving snapshots.


Has permissions for Promotions. A Promotioner can create promotions, including setting qualifications and benefits, and creating coupon codes to be used for marketing campaigns.

Promotioner Manager

Includes all the permissions that are available with the Promotioner role, with additional permissions to approver reject promotions.

Relationship Administrator

Has permissions for Relationship Definitions. A Relationship Administrator can create cross-sell and upsell relationships between catalogs, categories, and sellable items.

In a single server deployment, you can create accounts and user groups on the machine where Sitecore XC is installed. In a multi-server deployment, you create these accounts and groups on the domain controller.

For more information about role management, see Create and set up a role.