Base templates


Overview of base templates.

A data template inherits its sections and fields from its base templates. You can see the base templates associated with a data template on the Inheritance tab in the Template Manager or the Content Editor. When there are several base templates associated with a data template, fields and sections from inherited templates are merged.


If a set of fields or sections are common to many templates then you can gather these together in one data template, and then you can add that template to other templates as required.

In this example, the Product data template defines a single section called Data and three fields: Title, Description, and Price.

Product Description tree structure

When you create a new item from the Product template, it contains additional sections and fields, which are taken from the base template it inherits from.

Item created using the base template

The Product item inherits these fields and sections from the Product data template’s base templates, which include the Standard template and the Page footer template. The following diagram illustrates the hierarchy of base templates associated with the Product data template.

Hierarchy of base templates associated with the Product Description data template