Custom bucket structures


How to set up custom item bucket structures

The BucketConfiguration.BucketFolderPath configuration setting defines the structure Sitecore uses for showing items buckets as folder trees. The default setting creates a structure based on the date and time – year, month, day, hour, and minute – that the item was created:

An item bucket structure

To create a custom bucket structure:

  1. Navigate to the sitecore/System/Settings/BucketItem Buckets Settings item.

  2. Specify the rules in the Rules for Resolving the Bucket Folder Path field:

    Create rules
  3. Create rules by selecting a condition (such as “where the bucket item template is…”) and an action.

    The action specifies the bucket folder structure. Only bucket items that match the condition will use the action. You can create any number of rules. Sitecore uses the format defined by the BucketFolderPath configuration setting for items that do not match any condition.

    For example, this rule:

    Create a rule

    creates this bucket structure:

    Bucket structure with rule applied