Sitecore Experience Platform

Conversion pipelines

The tracker’s conversion pipelines are responsible for converting data between xConnect and the tracker.

convertFromXConnectContact pipeline

The convertFromXConnectContact is responsible for loading existing contacts into tracker from xConnect at the start of a session. You can configure which built-in facets to load at the start of a session. You do not need to write a processor.


There is no pipeline that converts a tracker contact facets into xConnect contact facets. It is recommended that you submit changes to contact facets immediately by using the xConnect Client API.

convertToXConnectInteraction pipeline

The convertToXConnectInteraction is responsible for converting tracker interaction data into xConnect interaction data. Extend this pipeline to:

  • Convert interaction custom values into an interaction facet

convertToXConnectEvent pipeline

The convertToXConnectEvent is responsible for converting tracker events to xConnect events. Extend this pipeline to: