Sitecore Experience Platform

Plan and activity enrollment

There are various methods that you can use to trigger the evaluation of a contact’s plan and activity enrollments.

When an interaction is submitted to xConnect, the XdbContactEventWatcher service plugin assesses it .  The plugin adds a work item to the automation processing pool for any successful operation (add or update) concerning contacts, interactions, or facets.

XdbContactEventWatcher settings

The XdbContactEventWatcher is an xConnect plugin. It is configured in the c:\path\to\xConnect\App_Data\config\sitecore\MarketingAutomation\sc.XConnect.Service.Plugins.MarketingAutomation.xml file. The default priority to set on new automation work items is 80. 

You can register a live event request using the Marketing Automation Operations API. The tracker uses this to raise live events as soon as they happen rather than waiting for the session to end.


Live event detection is specific to Marketing Automation. You cannot subscribe to a feed of live events from another part of the system.

You can manually enroll a contact in a plan or activity using the Marketing Automation Operations API. The Marketing Automation Operations API replaces the AutomationStateManager class.

The Automation Engine’s ActivityTimeoutWorker gets all activity enrollments that have expired when the enrollment’s TimeoutDate is greater than DateTime.UtcNow. By default, the worker runs every 30 seconds and adds work items into the pool with a priority value of 70.