Sitecore Experience Platform

View the analytics reports for FXM websites


View charts and dashboards for FXM websites in the Experience Analytics.

When you have assigned Sitecore functionality to an external website in FXM, you can view the reports about the website using Experience Analytics. You can get a general overview of website traffic, as well as individual reports about goals and goal conversions, pattern matching, and campaigns.

To view the reports for an FXM website:

  1. On the Sitecore Launchpad, click Experience Analytics.

  2. To filter Experience Analytics to only show the reports for your website, on the Experience Analytics Dashboard, click All sites, under Define a customfilter, click the relevant website and then click Apply.

  3. To filter on a specific date range, click the date range drop-down button, specify the relevant date or click a predefined filter and then click Apply.

  4. In the Experience Analytics menu, click the relevant section to see the reports for your FXM website for the following categories:

    • Dashboard – provides an overview of key analytics by displaying a selection of charts and performance indicators.

    • Audience – helps you gain an understanding of who your visitors are.

    • Acquisition – shows you what is driving traffic to your website, for example, from campaigns and other marketing channels.

    • Behavior – helps you to analyze the behavior of your visitors, for example, by analyzing the effectiveness of your profiling and personalization strategy.

    • Conversions – helps you understand what is driving the value for your business.