Platform Administration and Architecture

Configure a reporting API key

To configure an API authentication key:

  1. Add an API authentication key to the server that is making the request for data, such as a content management server. Navigate to the App_Config folder on the requesting server and open the ConnectionStrings.config file.

  2. In the ConnectionStrings.config file, find the reporting.apikey  connection string and enter an ASCII string to use as a key. The key can be any combination of numerals or text. For example:

    <add name="reporting.apikey" connectionString="67588d50667e47e0a02cb919185f7c30"/>


    The string you choose must conform to the minimum API key length as specified in the Sitecore.Xdb.Remote.Client.config file, in the MinimalApiKeyLength attribute. By default, the minimum length of the key is 32 characters.

  3. Enter the same API authentication key in the ConnectionStrings.config file on the Reporting Service server.


If you use both remote processing and Reporting Service servers, you can use the same reporting.apikey value for both. In this case you only need one reporting.apikey connection string in the ConnectionStrings.config file.