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Configure Open Calais as your content tagging provider


Configure Open Calais as the provider for Cortex Content Tagging.

Open Calais analyzes the semantic content of input content using a combination of statistical, machine-learning, and custom pattern-based methods. The algorithms developed by the Text Metadata Services (TMS) group at Thomson Reuters output highly accurate and detailed metadata. For more detailed information, see the official Open Calais documentation FAQ.

The Open Calais Tagging provider lets you use Open Calais to tag your content to increase its value, accessibility, and interoperability. When you establish an Open Calais account, your Sitecore implementation with Sitecore CortexTM Content Tagging can send content to Open Calais. When the content is returned from Open Calais, your Sitecore implementation can extract four different types of tags, which are categorized in Open Calais as Social, Industry, Topic Tags and Entities.

To configure Open Calais as your content tagging discovery provider:

  1. Request a PermID (Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier) from the official Thomson Reuters site at

  2. Ensure that the /Sitecore/ContentTagging/Sitecore.ContentTagging.OpenCalais.config file is enabled.

  3. Create a patch for settings from the /Sitecore/ContentTagging/Sitecore.ContentTagging.OpenCalais.config file that: 

    • Ensures that the Sitecore.ContentTagging.OpenCalais.CalaisEndpoint setting points to an actual endpoint (this usually does not change over time).

    • Fills in the Sitecore.ContentTagging.OpenCalais.CalaisAccessToken setting with the PermID from Thomas Reuters. 

    • Fills in the Sitecore.ContentTagging.OpenCalais.CalaisLanguage setting with a content language. Currently only English, French and Spanish are supported.