Platform Administration and Architecture

Configure Item and Data cache values

Applies to

Content Delivery, Content Management

To configure Item and Data cache values:

  1. Create a patch file for cache size values. For example, custom.caching.config

  2. Use rule-based configuration to target different environments. The following example sets custom Web database cache values for Content Delivery, and Master database cache values for Content Management:

    <configuration xmlns:patch="" 
    xmlns:set="" xmlns:role="">
                <database id="web">
                    <cacheSizes role:require="ContentDelivery or Standalone">
                <database id="master">
                    <cacheSizes role:require="ContentManagement or Standalone">
  3. Deploy your configuration file to the <root>/App_Config/Includes folder. You can check your changes by visiting /sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx and searching for patch:source="custom.caching.config".