Configure the analytics cookie domain


How to configure the Sitecore Content Delivery analytics cookie domain.

Applies to

Content Delivery (CD)

Configuration file


The Analytics.CookieDomain setting determines the domain of the tracking cookie (SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE). The default value is empty, which makes the current domain the default cookie domain.

Configuring the analytics cookie domain can be useful in several scenarios, for example:

  • You have configured a proxy or special load balancer that changes the domain of the requests.

  • You want to track analytic statistics for several CD servers separately.

  • You want all the sites in a multisite scenario to use the same domain in their analytics cookie.

To configure the cookie domain:

  • Insert the domain name in the value attribute of the Analytics.CookieDomain tag.

    <setting name="Analytics.CookieDomain" value="" />