Platform Administration and Architecture

Enable cache key indexing

Applies to

Content Delivery, Content Management

Cache key indexing can significantly reduce the time it takes to perform operations on a large cache. Cache key indexing is available for the following caches:

  • Access Result cache

  • Item cache

  • Item paths cache

  • Paths cache (cache key indexing is particularly useful in large solutions items are frequently renamed, moved, copied, and deleted.

To enable cache key indexing:

  • Create a patch file and set all cache key indexing settings to true as shown. The following example enables cache key indexing on the Content Delivery and Standalone roles only:

    <configuration xmlns:patch="" 
    <setting name="Caching.CacheKeyIndexingEnabled.AccessResultCache" set:value="true"/>
    <setting name="Caching.CacheKeyIndexingEnabled.ItemCache" set:value="true"/>
    <setting name="Caching.CacheKeyIndexingEnabled.ItemPathsCache" set:value="true"/>
    <setting name="Caching.CacheKeyIndexingEnabled.PathsCache" set:value="true"/>