Add a section to a data template


How to add a section to a data template and how to configure an icon for the section.

Using relevant data template section names helps users locate the fields they want to update. For example, if the data template for news articles defines only a few fields, such as Author and Date, consider placing those fields in a section named News, and do not use this section name for any fields that are not specific to news articles. Overly general section names, such as Data, do not provide the same contextual assistance in templates that contain numerous fields.

If a data template and any of its base templates define sections with a common name, the Content Editor renders all the fields in those sections as a single visual section.


The standard template uses the section names Advanced, Appearance, Help, Layout, Lifetime, Insert Options, Publishing, Security, Statistics, Tasks, Validators, and Workflow. Avoid using these section names in your data templates.

To add a section to a data template:

  1. In the Template Manager or the Content Editor, select the data template.

  2. On the Builder tab, in the first field containing the text Add a new section, enter the name of the new data template section.

  3. On the ribbon, in the Write group, click Save.

To configure the icon for a data template section:

  1. In the Template Manager or the Content Editor, expand the data template definition item.

  2. In the content tree, select the data template section definition item.

  3. On the Configure tab, in the Appearance group, click Icon.

  4. In the icon selection window, select an icon.