The default validation rules


Examples of the item and field validation rules included by default along with a brief description of the validation that they perform.

The following tables describe default item and field validation rules that are available at /sitecore/System/Settings/Validation Rules. This list is not exhaustive.

Item validation rule


Broken Links

All languages and all versions for broken links in one or more fields.

Item is not referenced

That the item is not referenced by any other items. This might indicate that the item is unused and can be deleted.

Duplicate Name

That the item name is unique among siblings.

Duplicate Sort Order

That the item has a unique sort-order.

Full Page XHtml

The XHTML generated when a visitor requests an item.

Name Encoded Character

That the item name does not contain both encoded and unencoded characters.

Media Size Too Big

Whether a Media Library item exceeds a specific size.

Publish Unpublish Date Range

That the publish date is before the unpublish date.

Reminder is after Archive Date

That the reminder date is before the archive date.

Url Characters

If an item name contains characters that must be escaped when rendering URLs, which negatively impacts search engine indexing.

Valid From Valid To Date Range

That the valid from date is before the valid to date.

Field validation rule


Broken Links

If a field contains broken links.

Is Email

If a field contains an email address.

Is Integer

If a field contains an integer.

Is Integer with Zero Allowed

That a field is a valid integer (zero allowed).

Is Percentage

That the field is a valid percentage.

Is XHtml

If a field contains XHTML.

Max Length 40

If a field contains a value of 40 or fewer characters.

Rating 1 to 9

If a field contains a value between 1 and 9.


If a field contains a value.


Spelling using the RAD Editor spell check validation, also used in the Rich Text editor.

Type and Assembly

If the value properly references a class in an accessible assembly.

W3C XHtml Validation

That the field HTML uses the W3C validation service (the CMS must have Internet access).

System field validation rule


Alt Required

That the alt text is filled in.

Circular Dependency Validator

That values picked in multilists are different from the item that defines the field.

Database Name

That the field must contain a valid database name.

Extension May Not Start with a Dot

That the media file extension does not start with a dot.

Extern Link Target

The external links, that is the links to other sites.

File Exists

That the file exists.


That the field must contain a valid Guid value.

Image Has Alt Text

That there is alt text on an image.

Image Has Alt Text from Media Library

If the media item has default alt text. The default alt text (from the Media library) is used.

Image Size

The size for the images referenced through image fields.

Is Xml

That the field contains valid XML.

Linked Item Has Allowed Template

That the item selected has the allowed template.

Parameters String

That the field contains a valid parameters string (a=1&b=2&c=3).

Reset to Standard Value

That the field contains the same value as the Standard Value and can be reset.

Rich Text Image Size

The image dimensions for the images included in the rich text fields, that is if the image is too big to look good in the site design.

Rule Elements Type Field Validator

That the Rule field has no referenced conditions or actions with a broken Type field and the type is not obsolete.

Sitecore Command

That the field contains a valid Sitecore command defined in the commands.config file.

Type and Assembly

That the field points to a valid type in an existing assembly.

Unique Placeholder Key

That the placeholder key is unique.