Synchronize all entries to xConnect


How to configure synchronization to Sitecore xConnect to process all entries, whether modified or not.

When you use a Data Exchange Framework tool, such as Sitecore Connect for Salesforce CRM, to synchronize entries from a provider to xConnect, by default the connector only processes modified entries. If you want the connector to process all entries, whether they have been modified or not, you must disable the Set Use Delta Settings pipeline step:

  1. In the Content Editor, go to Data Exchange\[provider tenant]\Pipelines\[Provider] [entity name] to xConnect Sync Pipelines\Read [entity name] from [Provider] Pipeline\Set Use Delta Settings.


    For example, if you use the Sitecore Connect for Salesforce CRM connector, and you want to synchronize all campaigns, you navigate to Data Exchange\[salesforce tenant]\Pipelines\Salesforce Campaigns to xConnect Sync Pipelines\Read Campaigns from Salesforce Pipeline\Set Use Delta Settings

  2. On the Content tab, clear the Enabled check box and save the pipeline.