Implement data access components


Overview of data access components that are used to read, write, and map input values in Sitecore Data Exchange Framework.

Data access components represent the logic used to read, write, and map values during a data synchronization process. The data access components in this example represent the ability to read values at specific positions from a line in a text file.

For example, consider a file that contains comma-separated values (CSV) that provide details about new customers. The file looks like the following:

Aaron,Adkins,Ace Corp
Brad,Bedford,Burnside Bread
Charlotte,Colson,Carefree Farms

The pipeline step processor ReadTextFileStepProcessor reads each row from a file and creates an array of values using the specified delimiter. In this example, the delimiter is a comma.

You use data access components to control how the values in that array are accessed. In this example, you use the data access components to identify the following:

  • First name is at position 1

  • Last name (surname) is at position 2

  • Company name is at position 3

This section shows you how to implement the required data access components.