Add a tenant


How to create a tenant in Sitecore Data Exchange Framework.

A tenant is the parent item for all of the settings related to a set of related data synchronization processes. In this example, a tenant is used to group the settings needed to read data from a text file and to create Sitecore items from that data.

To add a tenant:

  1. In Sitecore Content Editor, navigate to sitecore/System/Data Exchange.

  2. On the ribbon, on the Home tab, click Empty Data Exchange Tenant to add a new tenant, and name it File System Provider Test Tenant.

  3. A dialog appears when the tenant is created.

    Creating tenant window
  4. In the content tree, select the new tenant.

    File System Provider Test Tenant in content tree
  5. Click the Content tab.

  6. Select the Enabled check box.

  7. Save the item.