Test a pipeline batch


How to test if a pipeline batch is working as expected in Sitecore Data Exchange Framework.

A pipeline batch can be run in a number of ways. The easiest is to run it manually.

To test a pipeline batch:

  1. In Sitecore Content Editor, navigate to sitecore/System/Data Exchange/File System Provder Test Tenant/Pipeline Batches/City Info from File to City Info Item Sync Pipeline Batch.

    Pipeline batches in content tree
  2. On the ribbon, click Run Pipeline Batch.

    Run Pipeline Batch option in menu ribbon
  3. Click OK.

    Pipeline batch started message


    In this example, the text file only contains a few rows. In addition, the logic in the pipelines is very limited. This means the pipeline batch will finish almost instantly.

    You can tell if the pipeline batch is running by checking if the button Stop Pipeline Batch is enabled. This button does not automatically refresh, so you might need to click the pipeline batch in order for the UI to refresh.

  4. Navigate to sitecore/content/Cities.

    Content in content tree

    You can see an item for each of the rows in the text files.

  5. Click the item you want to review, for example, the Copenhagen item. You can see the values from the row in the text file that corresponds to the item.

    Data item details