Value ReaderΒΆ

A value reader is a component that is able to read a value from an object. Being able to read values is an essential part of mapping values from the source object to the target object.

Sometimes the value that is read comes directly from the source object. For example, if the source object represents a contact from a CRM, you might want to read the contact’s name of work phone number.

In other cases, the value isn’t read from the source object. For example, you might want to write the current date to the target object. You need a component that is able to read the current date.


Data Exchange Framework includes a number of value readers. More information on those components is available in the Component Reference section, under Value Readers.

In addition, custom value readers can be created by implementing the Sitecore.DataExchange.DataAccess.IValueReader interface.


If you are developing a custom provider, it is likely you will develop custom value readers. For example, the Dynamics CRM provider includes a value reader that can read a property from a CRM entity.