Extracting data from earlier versions of EXM to create historical reports


How to extract Email Engagement Plan data from previous versions of EXM to use for historical reports.

From Email Experience Manager version 3.4, the email campaign reports are generated based on the email channel interactions that are stored in the Sitecore xDB Interactions registry.

However, you can extract the data manually for historical reports using the analytics data from earlier versions of EXM, where the data was not stored in the xDB Interactions registry.

To extract data from an earlier version of EXM to create historical reports:

  1. Create a copy of the following tables located in the reporting database and move them to a separate database.

    • LandingPageDetails

    • Fact_LandingPages

    • Fact_VisitsByMessage

    • Fact_AbnVisitsByMessage

    • Fact_AutomationStatesStatisticsByMessage

    • Fact_AutomationStatesStatisticsByAbnMessage

  2. Extract the data from these tables to use in your own third-party business intelligence tool.


The accuracy of the EXM analytics data collected in Sitecore xDB is considerably greater than the historical data collected in the Email Engagement Plan. Email Engagement Plans are deprecated from EXM version 3.5.