Email Experience Manager

Using EXM in multisite environments


In multi-site environments, you must differentiate manager roots between sites.

When you use the Email Experience Manager in multisite environments, you must differentiate between the sites and their manager roots. A manager root contains all the settings that control the user experience of the component. You can create additional manager roots manually.

By default, EXM searches for the manager root under the item defined in the Default Root Parent setting of the /sitecore/System/Settings/Email item.


The location of manager roots is defined in the /sitecore/System/Settings/Email/System/Root List item. This item is updated automatically.

In a multisite solution, manager roots that relate to different sites can be located in different places in the content tree.

A user can have access to several manager roots. You can use standard Sitecore security applications to grant users permissions to specific manager roots.