Developing with Sitecore Managed Cloud


Manage your Sitecore environment with custom code.

As a Sitecore Managed Cloud customer, you have all you need to manage your environment and develop and deploy custom code to implement your Sitecore solution.

As part of the Sitecore Managed Cloud service, Sitecore provides you with access to your Microsoft Azure resource group. You can use familiar tools such as the Microsoft Azure Portal, Microsoft Azure PowerShell®, and the Microsoft Azure Resource Manager API to manage resources in your environment.

You can also request advanced operations, such as managing access to the environment, by submitting a request through the Sitecore Support portal. You can see the list of supported operations in the Sitecore Managed Cloud Catalog and learn more about the Service capabilities in the Sitecore Managed Cloud Policies document.

Sitecore Managed Cloud environments run on the Microsoft Azure App Service and are compatible with the Sitecore Azure Toolkit. You can use Microsoft Visual Studio and the Sitecore Azure Toolkit to develop and publish customizations to your Sitecore environment.