Managed Cloud


Overview of the supporting documentation for the Sitecore Managed Cloud service.

Sitecore Managed Cloud is a Cloud-based hosting service provided by Sitecore that you can use to host your Sitecore Cloud deployments on Microsoft Azure. The Sitecore Managed Cloud documentation is divided into three segments which includes an overview of the Managed Cloud service, and documentation for both Standard and Premium customers.

Sitecore Managed Cloud overview

Use the overview documentation to get a better overview of the Sitecore Managed Cloud service, which provides information about: what the Sitecore Managed Cloud service is, and what you can expect from Sitecore Experience Platform features when they're running on Azure. You can also compare and contrast the differences between on-premise, IaaS, and PaaS to find the best solution for your Managed Cloud.

Learn how to use IP whitelisting to manage who has access to the Azure SQL server and Azure Web Apps, understand the naming conventions and resources of a Sitecore Managed Cloud environment, access Managed Cloud in the Sitecore App Center and review your usage, use a reference to find the best scaling option for your Managed Cloud resources, manage your environment with custom code, and define who can access your Managed Cloud environment and Sitecore site.

The documentation also describes the Sitecore policies and processes for monitoring customer-related cloud infrastructure and notifying customers of any impact on the service. Additionally, the overview documentation covers the benefits of using a web application firewall with Managed Cloud; preparing a scaled 8.2 on-premise environment or a standalone scaled 8.2 on-premise environment; accessing Managed Cloud resources in the Azure portal; and preparing, requesting, and configuring a new on-premise Sitecore environment to use with your Managed Cloud.

Managed Cloud Standard

Use the Managed Cloud Standard documentation to: find the right configuration for your Sitecore topology and Managed Cloud Standard service; refer to the Managed Cloud Standard polices to configure the right solution for your needs; and learn more about Sitecore Managed Cloud compatibility. You can also get an overview of managing your Sitecore deployment through the Microsoft Azure portal; an overview of the various stages in the onboarding process for Managed Cloud Standard; and an overview of the list of services you can expect from Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard.

To get started with Managed Cloud Standard, the documentation will describe all the steps required to start a Managed Cloud journey from contract signature to administering a working Sitecore XP environment in the cloud. It will also take you through how you can request an environment and get started with the Managed Cloud Standard service; how to use your account through the Managed Cloud portal; and get a better idea of the scope of services and support available for Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard.

For further information refer to the following Knowledge Base articles:

Managed Cloud Premium

Use the documentation for Managed Cloud Premium to find the right configuration for your Sitecore topology and Managed Cloud Premium service; troubleshoot problems and find answers to frequently asked questions about Managed Cloud Premium; and understand how to use the different portals associated with Managed Cloud Premium. You can also view the SLA reference for the Managed Cloud Premium support services.