Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud Standard

Sitecore provides customers with a base-level infrastructure hosting capability and basic product support with industry standard uptime.

Use the Overview documentation for the Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard service to:

  • Get a better overview of how to manage your Sitecore deployment through the Microsoft Azure portal.

  • Find the right configuration for your Sitecore topology and Managed Cloud Standard service.

  • Get an overview of the various stages of the onboarding process for Managed Cloud Standard.

  • Configure the right solution for your needs by referring to the Managed Cloud Standard polices reference.

  • Understand the SLA for the Managed Cloud Standard support services.

  • Get an overview of the list of services you can expect from Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard.

  • Learn more about Sitecore Managed Cloud compatibility by using the compatibility tables for Managed Cloud Standard.

Use the Getting started documentation for Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard to:

  • Request an environment and get started with the Managed Cloud Standard service.

  • Access the Managed Cloud Standard portals, by using your account through the Managed Cloud portal.