Managed Cloud

View your Managed Cloud consumption


Access Managed Cloud in the Sitecore App Center and review your usage.

To view the overall usage and monthly consumption of your Managed Cloud service, you must first go to your Sitecore Launchpad and access the Sitecore App Center, then log in to the Sitecore App Center using your Sitecore Portal credentials.Access the Sitecore App Center

By default, the primary and technical contacts from your Managed Cloud agreement can only access the consumption application from their respective e-mail accounts. For additional users to access the Managed Cloud Consumption application, you must submit an appropriate request.

After successfully logging in to Sitecore App Center, proceed with the steps below.


If you do not currently have access to the App Center then contact the primary or secondary contact on your Managed Cloud contract.

To view your Managed Cloud consumption:

  1. In the Sitecore App Center, open the Managed Cloud application to view the consumption for your current payment cycle.

  2. In the Managed Cloud data table, look at the columns to see the monthly consumption associated with each slot. The Provisioned slots summary on the right shows the total consumption of each slot (Total spend), and provides information about the corresponding Managed Cloud agreement that applies to that particular slot.

    For example, the summary for the XP–Non-Prod monthly consumption includes the following fields:

    • Total spend – the total consumption for this slot in this payment period to date in USD. All consumption is recorded in USD, regardless of the currency associated with your agreement. The total consumption to date for this slot in this example is 7,000 USD.

    • Cycle quota – the amount of consumption specified for a payment cycle before Sitecore applies an overage. The cycle quota associated with this slot is 18,000 USD.

    • Start date – the start of the current cycle.

    • Deployment ID – the unique hexadecimal identification of your specific deployment.

    • Service level – either Standard or Premium. The service level for this slot in this example is Standard.

    • Payment cycle – measured in months, this is the commitment period of the agreement associated with this slot. Sitecore uses this to calculate the cycle quota. In this example, the Payment cycle associated with this slot is 12 months.

    • Overage multiplier – if your consumption exceeds the cycle quota within a payment cycle, Sitecore invoices your organization for the consumption that runs over the cycle quota. This extra consumption is multiplied by the cycle quota on a monthly basis until the payment cycle ends and a new period begins. In this example, the multiplier for this slot is 1.8.



    You can also click Download my consumption as a csv to save your raw Managed Cloud consumption data in a .csv file.