Sitecore Azure Toolkit 1.1


Use the Sitecore Azure Toolkit (SAT) documentation for an overview of the SAT offerings that help you in deploying your Sitecore solution and learning about packaging WDPs and SCCPL.

Sitecore Azure Toolkit provides deployment tools, Microsoft Azure integrations, and deployment methodologies that allow simple and flexible deployment of Sitecore on Microsoft Azure.


The Sitecore Azure Toolkit documentation is divided into three sections so you can get an overview of the Sitecore Azure Toolkit features, including provisioning pipelines, and topologies, and learn about deployment and packaging.


Use the deployment documentation to configure the Bootloader module for your Sitecore App Service deployment when installing other modules; to package a local Sitecore instance for deployment to the Microsoft Azure App Service; and to deploy a new Sitecore environment to the Microsoft Azure App service.


You can use the Sitecore Azure Toolkit packaging references to create Web Deployment Packages, and ensure the structure of your SCCPL package is correct.