Using sc_debug


Learn how to use sc_debug to see debug information about your SPEAK application.

You can use the Sitecore browser-based debugger to get information about the SPEAK client-side JavaScript. You may want to use this to troubleshoot problems and to find bugs.

To do this:

  • Open the JavaScript console of your browser (often F12)

  • Append sc_debug=1 to the URL of your SPEAK application.

For example:


This enables you to examine the SPEAK JavaScript model interactively. The SPEAK controls are under


You can see a list of all the SPEAK controls (for example, CancelButton, and so on):


You can change the properties or attributes of a control interactively. Here, the "Select a topic" text comes from the text property of a SPEAK control called HeaderTitle:


You can simply enter JavaScript to change the value of this property:


The SPEAK component changes immediately: