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Overview of widgets, widget variations, and widget variation rules in Sitecore Discover.

Sitecore Discover widgets are dynamic components added to a page or an email message to deliver specific experiences.

A widget can have many variations of which only one can be default or active at a time. It is the widget variation that is displayed on your website. When you create a new widget, the system also creates a default variation. To modify the experience or add more experiences, you typically create and work with additional widget variations.

Both widgets and their variations are integral parts of delivering experiences to visitors.

You can think of widget variations as instantiations of widgets that you can customize and schedule. A variation also contains rules to further define conditional experiences based on site and visitor context.

Widgets are built to track user interaction and report on their performance using key performance indicators and metrics. You can find these reports in the Analytics section of the Customer Engagement Console (CEC).


During initial setup, Sitecore representatives populate the CEC with pages and widgets. They configure them to match your requirements.

Unless specifically indicated, you can use these widgets with their default variations, without additional configuration.

The foundation of all widgets is the global widget. It can have many variations of which only one can be default or active at a time.

You can create the following types of widgets for personalized search, recommendation, and messaging experiences.

Preview search widget

A preview search widget drives the experience of the search input field on its host page. As soon as a user starts typing a search term in the field, the widget requests matching products and displays suggested results.

Search results widget

On page load, the search results widget makes a request using search criteria often derived from the URL. Based on the number of results, the widget paginates the results. The visitor can also sort and filter results for fitments and facets.

Recommendation widget

The recommendation widget is a very flexible widget that displays products based on the content of the host page, trends, categories, attributes, and more. You can configure its experience from a list of appearance styles.

Email recommendation widget

The email recommendation widget is essentially an email campaign complete with a recommendation widget.

Banner widget

Banner widgets are image rich widgets. You can configure them by picking a layout from a list of appearance styles.

HTML block widget

HTML block widgets can contain images and text. You can create them by selecting an appearance style without writing any code. You can also customize an appearance style with HTML code.

SEO widget

The CEC publishes and serves static versions of all its configured pages. If a page contains an SEO widget, the publishing system adds meta data describing the page's content. This process is repeated after every catalog feed run or page configuration changes.