Multichannel delivery using Web Tracker


Learn more about the determineInteractionChannel pipeline that determines the channel that a customer uses to get to your website.

In the Sitecore Experience Platform, the Marketing Taxonomy includes channels that replace traffic types. Channels enable you to classify the different paths that contacts use to interact with your website. For web visits, the Sitecore Web Tracker determines the channel that the customer used to come to your website.

The determineInteractionChannel pipeline (Sitecore.Analytics.Channel.config) sets the channel of the current interaction. It contains the following out-of-the-box processors:

  • DefaultChannel - the first processor, responsible for setting the default Direct channel to the interaction. This ensures that if none of the other processors are able to set a value, then the initial one is still present.

  • SearchKeywords - sets the Organic non-branded search channel to the interaction to see whether there are any search keywords associated with the interaction. If the referrer data contains search keywords that are not on the branded list, the channel ID is set for the Organic non-branded search channel.

  • OrganicBranded - this processor checks if the incoming search keyword is configured in Sitecore: /sitecore/system/Settings/Analytics/Organic Branded Keywords . If the keyword is present, the channel ID is set for the Organic branded search channel. You can add keywords at any time.

You can configure these processors by, for example, adding branded keywords or extending the pipeline with additional logic to determine the channel.