Install Experience Edge Connector using SIF


Shows how to use SIF as an alternative way to install the Experience Edge Connector module.

You can use SIF to install and configure the Experience Edge Connector module. There are the following prerequisites:

  • Sitecore Installation Framework 2.3.0

  • A running Sitecore Experience Platform instance, version 10.1 or later

  • The xec.json Experience Edge Connector SIF Deployment configuration file

  • Sitecore Experience Edge Connector for Sitecore scwdp package

To deploy the Sitecore Experience Edge Connector:

  • Use the xec.json SIF configuration file. The SIF deployment deploys the connector into the Sitecore instance, applies the provided parameters to the Sitecore configuration files, and restarts the instance.

The following is an example of a script to do this:

# The Content Management instance name
$siteName = "xec"

# ExperienceEdge Delivery endpoint
$deliveryEndpoint = ""

# ExperienceEdge authorization connection string
$deliveryAuthority = "url=;client_id=contoso;client_secret=secret;audience="

# ExperienceEdge delivery CDN Uri
$deliveryCdnUri = ""

# ExperienceEdge delivery CDN media prefix
$deliveryCdnMediaPrefix = "contoso/media" 

# The solr core name used for ExperienceEdge Connector
$solrIndexName = "$($siteName)_master_index"

# Sql server address
$sqlServerName = "."

# The prefix used for sql database names
$sqlDbPrefix = "$siteName"

# Sql master user
$sqlMasterUser = "sa"

# Sql master user password
$sqlMasterPassword = "12345"

$package = (Get-ChildItem "$PSScriptRoot\\<Sitecore ExperienceEdge Connector scwdp package name>").FullName

$sitecoreParams = @{
    Path                            =  "$PSScriptRoot\\xec.json"
    SiteName                        =  $siteName
    Package                         =  $package
    DeliveryEndpoint                =  $deliveryEndpoint
    DeliveryAuthority               =  $deliveryAuthority
    DeliveryCdnUri                  =  $deliveryCdnUri
    DeliveryCdnMediaPrefix          =  $deliveryCdnMediaPrefix 
    SolrCorePrefix                  =  $solrCorePrefix
    SolrIndexCoreName               =  $solrIndexName
    SqlServer                       =  $sqlServerName
    SqlDbPrefix                     =  $sqlDbPrefix
    SqlMasterUser                   =  $sqlMasterUser
    SqlMasterPassword               =  $sqlMasterPassword

Install-SitecoreConfiguration @sitecoreParams -verbose *>&1 | Tee-Object deploy-xec.log