Walkthrough: Adding the SMS module


Learn how to add the Sitecore Management Services module.

Sitecore Management Services (SMS) is a module that you must install to support the Sitecore Command Line Interface and Sitecore for Visual Studio.

This walkthrough describes how to:

  • Prepare the Docker images

  • Push the images to the Azure Container Registry (ACR)

  • Change the images in the Application repository

To use the SMS module in your environment you must create the following image:

  • cm-sps

To learn how to create a custom image, refer to the Add Sitecore modules topic. Refer to the Sitecore module reference topic for Asset image and Dockerfile instructions. Go to Github for a list with the latest available tags. Make sure to read the information that applies to your specific Sitecore version.

To push the images to the ACR:

Now you can add the SMS-specific image for the CM role.

To change the image in the Application repository:

  1. In the Application repository, navigate to config/docker-images and, in the docker-images.json file, replace the cm image value with the cm-sms value.



  2. Create and complete a pull request. Because the pull request is completed into the main branch, the Application pipeline is triggered automatically and all changes are deployed to your environment.