Install a Sitecore XP pre-release using Docker

Since Sitecore XP 10.1.0, Sitecore distributes pre-releases of the next update release to provide customers with fixes for their hotfix requests. The pre-releases are cumulative, and each pre-release contains all the changes that were implemented in the earlier pre-releases in that series. These pre-releases are then all rolled into the next update release, for example, Sitecore XP 10.1 Update 2.

Every pre-release is based on the latest Sitecore XP release.

For example, if a customer is on Sitecore XP 10.1.0 and we have already released Sitecore XP 10.1.1, when the customer requests a hotfix, it is delivered in a pre-release for Sitecore XP 10.1.2. To get this hotfix, the customer must update to Sitecore XP 10.1.1 and then apply the Sitecore XP 10.1.2 pre-release that contains the hotfix.

Install a Sitecore XP pre-release with Docker

If you are using Sitecore containers and want to update to the latest Sitecore pre-release, follow the guidelines for your current version of Sitecore. These guidelines are described in the Sitecore.Platform.Instructions 10.1.X rev. XXXXXX file.

To install the latest pre-release with Docker:

  1. Download the Container Deployment Package for the latest Sitecore pre-release Sitecore.

    This package contains the Sitecore.Platform.Instructions 10.1.X rev. XXXXXX file.

  2. Use your existing specification files to automatically pull the latest Sitecore images from the Sitecore container registry:

    docker-compose -f .\docker-compose.yml --env-file .\.env  pull