Considerations for using Disaster recovery


Refer to these common Managed Cloud DR considerations when building your Sitecore site.

When building a Sitecore solution using a disaster recovery plan, consider the following questions: Which data center region is best for your location? What are the limitations of the third-party service APIs that you are using? Do you have an outage page? Are your certificates current?



The Azure data center region

Microsoft Azure data centers are organized into regions with a latency-defined perimeter because they are connected through a dedicated regional low latency network. To ensure fast backups and consistent customer delivery speed, you must choose a secondary data center that is in the same region as as the primary data center.

Third-party service APIs

If your Sitecore solution uses any third-party service APIs that limit access based on IP, then you must register the IPs of your secondary data center with the Managed Cloud service.


If you do not register your secondary data center IPs with the Managed Cloud Operations team, this could result in a delay in bringing your secondary Sitecore environment online.

Constructing an outage page

Keep your outage page simple and mention only the following:

  • That your site is temporarily unavailable.

  • That your support staff are aware of the outage and are working on it.

  • The approximate recovery time.

Up-to-date certificates

Any certificates that you use for your Sitecore site are stored in the Key Vault of Control resource services. In the event of a failover, the Managed Cloud Operations team uses these certificates, as part of the new setup.


To help meet the Managed DR RTO it is essential to keep the certificates in the Key Vault of the secondary database up to date. Notify the Managed Cloud Operations team if there have been any changes to the certificates (for example, replacing a certificate that is due to expire).

The Managed Cloud Operations team will update the secondary datacenter, you must update the primary datacenter at the same time.

Supported Sitecore versions

For compatibility information, go to

Do not remove Control Resource Group

The Control Resource Group contains all resources used to restore Sitecore successfully in a secondary data center and should not be removed.

xDB excluded from RTO

For disaster recovery, the RTO does not cover the xDB rebuild because for large content databases this can take a significant amount of time. If the analytics indexes are not rebuilt this should only affect the functionality that depends on lists (for example, EXM) and should not affect the runtime.

xConnect Search Indexer

Sitecore only allows one active xConnect Search Indexer WebJob across a solution. In case of failover and restore of service, the indexer must be shut down.

Azure certificates

Only one website certificate is supported with Managed Cloud DR. Wildcard certificates are supported.