You can find all configuration for the catalog subsystem in the Sitecore.Commerce.Catalog.config file. Here you will find all details for the entities, pipelines, and repositories used by the catalog subsystem.

The default catalog entities for Commerce Connect only assume some of the basic catalog information that will be used across all commerce systems. It is expected that you will need to extend these entities.

You can extend the following entity defined in the Connect system for catalog:

  • SortDirection - an extendable enum type to represent sorting directions.

To extend any default entity, you create a new class that inherits from the relevant type, and then patch the appropriate entity under <commerce.Entities> in the Sitecore.Commerce.Catalog.config file.

There are five pipelines for the Catalog service and all raise a page event based on user action:

  • The productSorting pipeline - called when a user performs a sort on a list of products.

  • The facetApplied pipeline - called when a user tries to facet on search results.

  • The visitedProductDetailsPage pipeline - called when a user visits a product detail page.

  • The visitedCategoryPage pipeline - called when a user visits a category page.

  • The  searchInitiated pipeline - called when a user performs a keyword search.


For more information, see the Commerce Connect Developer Reference.