Storing a copy of the cart locally

Commerce Connect gives you the option of storing a copy of your cart locally to help reduce round trips to your external commerce system (ECS) or implement functionality that the destination ECS might now support.

If you are not going to use this functionality, you must remove the following Commerce Connect specific processors from the pipelines indicated in parentheses: LoadCartFromEAState (LoadCart), SaveCartToEAState (SaveCart), FindCartInEAState & RunResumeCart (CreateOrResumeCart),  DeleteCartFromEaState (deleteCart) and BuildQuery + ExecuteQuery (GetCarts).

To store the data locally, you must create a class that implements Sitecore.Commerce.Data.Carts.ICartRepository and patch the eaStateCartRepository element in the Sitecore.Commerce.Carts.config file with the new full class name.

Commerce Connect ships with two sample repositories called EaStateSqlBasedCartRepository and EaStateCartRepository, these are only sample repositories and you must not use them  in a production scenario.