Prepare a CMP item for publishing


How to find and publish CMP items that have been synchronized to Sitecore.

Sitecore stores Content Marketing Platform (CMP) items in item buckets. An item bucket is a container that you use to store, retrieve, and work with large number of items. To publish a CMP item, you need to find and clone it.

Find a CMP item

By default, Sitecore does not display bucket items in the content tree. When bucket items are hidden, you must use the Sitecore search engine to find a bucket item.

CMP item buckets with hidden items.

To find a CMP item using search:

  1. In the content tree, navigate to /sitecore/content/CMP.

  2. On the Search tab, enter a search term and click the Search icon. Sitecore now displays the items that match your search parameters.

    Search for CMP bucket items.

If you want to navigate through the bucket items using the content tree instead of using search, you must activate the bucket view.

To find CMP items using the bucket view:

  1. In the content tree, navigate to sitecore/content/CMP.

  2. On the menu ribbon, on the View tab, select Buckets. Sitecore now displays the items contained in buckets.

  3. Navigate to a CMP item in a bucket in the content tree. On the Content tab, above the Quick info section, a warning message informs you that the selected entity is synchronized from a content hub entity.

  4. For easy reference, you can mark an item as a content hub entity. On the item row, right click on the left gutter. In the menu, select Content Hub Entity.


    The content tree displays a red dot in the gutter to indicate that the item is synchronized from a content hub entity.

Clone and publish a CMP item

When you work with a synchronized CMP item, we recommend that you clone the item to the content folder, and use the new clone for publishing. Editing the original item can cause synchronization to break, and can slow the publishing process down.


A cloned item inherits the field values from the original item. If you copy or duplicate the item instead of cloning, the item values are no longer synced.

To clone a CMP item:

  1. On the menu ribbon, on the Configure tab, click Clone. Locate the new cloned item under the site root item:

    Locate clone in content tree.
  2. Check the workflow and publish the item. When the item is published, check whether it is available on the website.