Generate a custom static error page


Link to custom error pages.

SXA lets you set site-specific 404 and 500 pages. When an error occurs, visitors will be redirected to this static error page.

To generate a static error page:

  1. Create your error page(s).

  2. Publish the error page(s).

  3. Navigate to sitecore/Content/Tenant/Site/Settings and in the Error Handling section insert the links to your custom error pages.



    If you cannot find the Error Handling section, you may have forgotten to select the Error Handling option when creating your tenant.

  4. Navigate to /sitecore/Content/Tenant/Site/Settings/Site Grouping/Site and in the ribbon, on the Error Handling tab, click Generate static error page and click Ok. Now for every error that cannot be handled, visitors will see the static page that is loaded from the ErrorPages folder located in the root of your website.